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  • What is a Registered Dietitian?
    A Registered Dietitian (RD) is a nutrition expert who works with a variety of health professionals including medical doctors, nurses, pharmacists and social workers. Registered Dietitians have extensive scientific backgrounds in food, nutrition, biochemistry, and physiology. The title and initials RD are protected by law through provincial legislation. Only Qualified practitioners who have acheived specific educational qualitifcation as well as practical training in a hospital setting, may use the title RD.
  • What does a Registered Dietitian do?
    Registered Dietitians advocate nutrition for health promotion, disease prevention, treatment of acute and chronic diseases, as well as provide counselling and education to the public.
  • What is a Certified Diabetes Educator?
    A Certified diabetes educator (CDE), is a specialized health care professional certified to teach people with diabetes, how to manage their condition. Typically the CDE, is also a dietitian, nurse, pharmacist, or social worker who has futher specialized in a dibestes education and care management. Formal education and years of practical experience are required, in addition to a formal examination, before a diabetes educator can be certified. In Canada, certifcation is awarded by the Canadian Diabetes Educator Certifcation Board (CDECB).
  • What's included in a Nutrition Care Plan?
    An initial consultation varies in length depending on the completixy of the clients condition, concerns or goals. It starts with a comprehensive nutrition assessment, where infomormation from the client is gathered using a personalized "Client Centered" counselling approach. The development of a meal plan follows, which is tailored to each clients condition, lifestyle and eating habits, in addition to a weeks worth of sample meals and snack ideas. Follow-ups can be scheduled as part of a package deal or as the client requires them. Follow-ups allow Tamara to determine, if her clients are making progress toward their nutrition goals and the ability to alter or change any part of the plan, in order for this to occur more efficiently and swiftly.
  • Am I Covered?
    Dietitian services are covered by most employee benefit plans as well as some private health insurance policies. Tamara providers all her clients with an offical receipt in order to claim back full service fees.
  • Pricing
    Pricing is determined by appointment length depending on each clients individual nutritional concerns and condition.
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