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1-1 Counselling

  • 2 hours
  • $180.00

Service Description

An initial consult includes a thorough nutrition assessment where information from the client is gathered using a “client centered” counselling approach. A personalized meal plan tailored to each client’s condition, lifestyle, culture and eating habits, is then developed and instructed, followed by demonstration of how to put meals together (includes a week of sample meals & snack ideas) session lengths vary between, 90min-120min-150min in length. Follow-ups can be scheduled as part of a package deal, upfront, or on a pay as you go basis as the client requires them. Follow-ups allow the dietitian to determine if the client has achieved, or is making progress toward their nutrition goals and to alter or change any part of the nutrition care plan, in order for this to occur. Initial appointment times vary between 90min-120min-150min Price range: $180.00-$225.00 (prep work, after questions) Prep work/Follow-up questions may have additional charges

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